TECH46 in Partnership with EBSCO Media, combines 20 years experience in the world of print media management for the motorsports industry and over 30 years of professional racing promotions, marketing, and management to provide you with proven credentials to handle anything from coordinating once a year print media projects of catalogs and mailers to reoccurring publications to full scale marketing campaigns involving the use of professional racing teams. TECH46 has the tools, resources, and proven know-how to help you reach your marketing goals by implementing motorcycles in your ad campaigns.

TECH46 has a close relationship with Ebsco Media, and through this sponsored partnership, Ebsco has become well known in racing circles. Landers Sevier is an at large representative of Ebsco Media and he has a great understands of the exacting standards of print and the art of high quality press production.


TECH46 has years of experience with racing promotions and team management. Our sponsors have included such reputable companies and Corona, Suzuki and American Honda. We can manage any project from the building of winning bikes to the design and production of brochures and other promotions, from lining up moto marketing strategies and custom leathers to yes, even finding the right girls.




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